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Immigrant visa is for individuals of foreign nations for coming to United States to live and work permanently in the United States.
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Most another common type that allows individuals of foreign nations to immigrate into the United States.
Through employment-based immigration, an alien will be allowed to live and work permanently in the United States. Aliens who would like to immigrate to the United States are subject to numerical limitation based on the preferences and per country limitations. The overall cap for employment-based visas is set to 140,000 visas for each fiscal year. Each preference category of the first three preference categories of employment-based visas is allocated 40,000 visas for each fiscal year, and the other two categories are allocated 10,000 each for fiscal year.
To be eligible for employment based immigration for first three preference categories:
  1. US employer must offer alien fulltime and permanent employment in the United States;
  2. In most cases, except for few exceptions, employer is required to obtain labor certification on behalf of the alien from the Department of Labor that there are no US workers available for the position offered;
  3. Alien must meet the minimum requirements for the job;
  4. Employer must have the ability to pay proffered salary to the alien;
  5. Both employer and alien must intend for the alien to undertake the job offered; and
  6. An immigrant petition on behalf of an alien must be approved and immigrant visa must be available.
The first three employment based preferences that usually require an offer of employment in the United States, with few exceptions, are:
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